If you are a professional outfitter, operate a lodge, campground or a related sport service anywhere in North America, we would be pleased to have you join the Fishingbug community. We will create new categories for you as the need arises. We can build a professional, eye-appealing, fast loading, easy to navigate, yet affordable web site for you!

To build a custom web site for you, we will need the following:

  1. Logo - or how you want your company name to appear at the top of the page, including colours. Include a rough sketch.
  2. Background colour - what colour(s) you would prefer.
  3. Photos - good quality colour photos, please number and initial your photos in a corner on the back and include a description on a separate sheet. We will scan them and resize as necessary on the computer to accommodate your page. Photos could include whatever makes your operation unique, picture of your plane, boats, exterior photos of your lodge and outposts, aerial photo, pictures of happy sportsmen with their trophy, local scenery, a photo of you and your staff (for a personal touch).
  4. Text - 1200-1500 words (but don't worry, we're not going to count them). Prepare it in paragraph form as you would like it to appear on your site. You are your best salesman, sell the potential client on your services. Don't worry, we are willing to do some composing from your notes, and will check for grammatical errors. The text should include location, scenery, season dates, and species of fish, and/or game, services offered, a description of the accommodations, e.g. capacity, modern or non-modern, conveniences, packages offered, what they should bring, booking information, and what they could expect. We leave it up to you whether to include your rates (please state if Canadian or U.S. dollars), and finally what sets you apart from the rest. Include any other information you feel is pertinent.
  5. Please indicate what general style of site you want (with or without frames, etc).

Please include your current brochures or promotional package.

The current introductory package includes the following:

Plan A - Standard Package

  1. Full screens -- no banner ads will run across the screen distracting viewers.
  2. Up to twenty photos. If you would like more photos, they can be added for an additional $5 (Cdn) each.
  3. Custom graphics, including your existing logo, or other top of the page graphic, bullets, lines, dividers, text and coloured or textured background.
  4. Consultation by phone, fax, e-mail, or mail is included.
  5. Photo scanning services are included.
  6. E-mail account. e.g. yourcompany@fishingbug.com, if you would like one. Alternatively, we could use your existing e-mail address.
  7. Visitor counter if you would like one.
  8. Posting for 1 month under "Who's New" with a direct link to your site, and up to 2 promotions per year (tournaments, or empty bookings).
  9. We will upload your site to a temporary location so you can approve it before the rest of the world sees it.
  10. Uploading to our Host Server, and weekly maintenance checks to keep your site running smoothly.
  11. Keywords will be placed on your pages, and your site will be submitted to the major search engines.
  12. No hidden costs.


Plan A - Standard Package

As described above and 1 year of hosting on our server is $500.00 (Cdn.) plus GST. Hosting this site for a consecutive year (2014) will only cost you $250.00 (Cdn.) plus GST. (payable next season), including 3 hours of maintenance (e.g. price structure and season dates), and also includes 2 promotional postings on our bulletin board.

Plan B - Maximizing Exposure

Providing a link to your existing web site is $100.00 (Cdn.) a year plus GST. This includes "Who's New" posting for 1 month and up to 2 promotion postings on our bulletin board per year (tournaments, or empty bookings). We will need to approve your site first.

Plan C - Downloading and Hosting

If you own the copyright to your existing site, we can download your entire site and host it on our server. We can customize your site, and make any necessary additions and updates. Three hours of modifications are included, each additional hour is billed at $45 per hour plus GST. We reserve the right to remove any information or advertisements from your pages. Hosting costs $250.00 (Cdn.) plus GST per year. This includes "Who's New" posting for 1 month and up to 2 promotion postings on our bulletin board per year (tournaments, or empty bookings).

Plan D - Site Maintenance

If you just need somebody to maintain and update your existing site, contact us. We charge $35 per hour plus GST. We will then provide a link to your site, upon approval, from our links page.

Plan E- .com Site Development

If you have your own domain name (yourname.com) or need help getting one, contact us. We can set up a hosting account for you and your site will be available both at yourname.com and through our links pages. You will receive all the benefits of our Standard A package plus you will own the copyright to your web site. We charge $1000.00 to develop this package. Hosting is $25.00 per month or $250.00 per year if paid in advance. If required purchase of your domain name will be extra and will be charged at cost.

We can customize our packages to best suit your needs.

Any creative services beyond our packages are billed at $45.00 per hour plus GST. Options include: animations, slide shows, three-dimensional text or other text effects, audio and video clips. The standard package should suit most outfitters needs; it will project a professional image for your business. Drop us a line, we're willing to work with you.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us.

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